Eleven Ways to Lose Your License...

While a creative agent can find more than 11 ways to get in serious trouble, this course looks at the most frequent violations of the laws regulating the real estate industry.  A few of the topics to look forward to include: avoiding the unauthorized practice of law, identifying risk management techniques to decrease potential conflicts of interest and how technology and changing markets are changing the way licensees practice.

Go Forth and Sin No More...​Code of Ethics and Professional Standards Training

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My courses are constantly being changed, updated, tweaked and thrown to the side when I'm tired of talking about a particular topic, except intellectual property and I'm never tired of talking about intellectual property- A complete course list is available at www.bettsworks.com.  

Designed to meet the NAR Quadrennial Code of Ethics training requirements this course is Ethics as only Trista can teach it.  Examining how the NAR Code of Ethics intersects with state and federal law, this course provides a new perspective on the Code and risk management in the practice of real estate.  Providing adequate time for class participation and discussion this course asks "what would you do?" and applies answers to current case studies and examples.

I Don't Give a Twit...Social Media Risk Management

Are you in danger of being dooced?  90% of homebuyers used the internet in their home search, making the internet and social media an important part of your real estate practice.  It is important to understand how the entities regulating the real estate industry view social media.  This course examines potential violations of advertising rules, RESPA, the Fair Housing Act, intellectual property laws and anti-trust.  Providing practitioners with the tools necessary to create and implement risk reduction techniques in their practices.

Let Me Tell You About the Man Cave:  The Fair Housing Act for the Modern Real Estate Agent

The Fair Housing Act might not have changed much in the last decade, but real estate agents and consumers have.  This course looks at recent technological developments in the real estate industry and their interplay with the Fair Housing Act as well as recent cases involving real estate professionals. 

Get Your Geek On:  What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!

Today's consumers and practitioners expect relevant information to provided to them with a click of a button or a swipe of their finger.  As the practice of real estate becomes a more digital experience, it's important that practitioners understand and manage the risks associated with "going digital."  70% of data breaches occur in companies with fewer than 100 employees.  Cloud computing, e-mail communication, mobile devices and social media can all make your business more efficient, but they also can create havoc if not used and protected properly.  This course also address the increased potential for real estate professionals to run afoul of the laws regulating intellectual property in the United States.  This course identifies situations where violations are becoming increasingly common and with student participation develops risk reduction techniques for ever practitioner regardless of their tech savvy.

Trista Curzydlo